Jeffrey Lentz

Jeffrey Lentz

Jeffrey Lentz is President & CEO of Elevated Franchise Marketing, which provides consulting and marketing services to franchisees, franchisors, and franchise suppliers. A franchise marketing executive, consultant, and business owner with 20 years of experience across retail, quick-service restaurant, fintech and automotive industries, he has held marketing leadership roles across five franchise organizations with a focus on franchise development, consumer, b2b, product, field, CRM, and local store marketing. During his 10 years at national retailer Batteries Plus Bulbs, he led franchise development marketing efforts over a period of rapid growth that saw the company open 250 retail stores in 5 years while also managing marketing vendor programs. He has made multiple appearances on national TV show Fox & Friends and is a contributor to industry trade publications and media outlets. He holds a B.A. Degree in Communications and Marketing from Marquette University. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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