Jay Henderson

Jay Henderson
3 Tips for More Relevant Customer Engagements

Consumers today have more power than ever before. Every minute of every day they engage with numerous brands across multiple channels, demanding highly relevant experiences along their journey. Sounds like marketers need some powerful new capabilities to make this possible. Maybe, but consumers are becoming more and more willing to guide retailers along the path…

Back to the Future

With the holiday shopping season in the rearview mirror and a new year ahead of us, retailers are counting up their 2014 profits and reflecting on the past year. The end of each year — and the close of the busiest shopping months of the year — brings forth new trends that will have a major impact on retailers as they're settling into their New Year's resolutions. As you toast to the New Year and look to continue to make investments in online and mobile, think about these trends that will impact you the most in 2015.

Leveraging Mobile to Ring in the Holiday Shopping Season

While mobile creates tremendous opportunities for retailers to engage consumers anywhere and at any time, a poor mobile experience can turn off users and result in lost sales. Here are four tips to help you capitalize on the mobile opportunity this holiday shopping season:  

Back-to-School Shopping Reveals Holiday Implications for Retailers

With the school year well underway, holiday shopping is even closer than you think. Many retailers use the back-to-school shopping season as a test run, prepping their brick-and-mortar and online shopping experiences ahead of the holiday shopping rush. It's up to retailers to ensure their sites are not only mobile ready for the holiday shopping season, but that consumers have a consistent experience wherever and whenever they interact with the brand.

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Social Media This Holiday Season

As we head into the holidays, most brands already have their marketing plans in place. Undoubtedly they're making room for in-store and mobile promotions, but what about social media? While some marketers might be scratching their heads wondering whether social media is really worth it, let me make it clear: social media matters.

Google Buzz: Turning Social Media Buzz Into Marketing Success

The arrival of Google Buzz represents the latest twist in an already confusing landscape for social media. Can it displace or aggregate our existing hubs of social networking, like Facebook for personal friends and LinkedIn for colleagues? Regardless of the success or failure of Buzz, there are three major implications for marketers.