Ian Goldman

Ian Goldman
How to Dominate the Holiday Season

If you’re like most retailers, the fourth quarter accounts for at least 40 percent of your total annual revenue. Holiday performance can easily make or break the year. How do you make sure consumers spend with you during the busiest shopping season? One of the biggest challenges during the holiday season is retail planning, and…

What’s Old is New Again: The Rebirth of Brick-and-Mortar

Since the dawn of e-commerce, successful retailers have taken for granted that digital was the future and scrambled to claim the space. Indeed, shoppers have moved online; but much like home video didn't kill movie theaters, e-commerce has interwoven itself among the retail fabric alongside brick-and-mortar and formed a symbiotic relationship. We call it omnichannel.

7 Tips for E-Commerce Sanity

Managing a fully functional e-commerce site as part of your retail operation is a bit like owning a house — you're constantly concerned with what might break next and how to go about fixing it. Much like proper maintenance on your home goes a long way to keeping the handyman at bay, there are several common sense steps you can take to make sure that your omnichannel strategy stays fresh and your online presence relevant. For most retailers, the web is an extremely important — often the most important — channel for profitability.