Guy Marion

Guy Marion

Guy Marion is the GM of Chargebee Retention. Chargebee Retention allows businesses to focus on keeping the customers they already have at a time when both businesses and consumers are being forced to evaluate everything in their portfolios and make difficult decisions.

Retention Signals Success for Subscription Businesses

The most frequent conversation businesses have when it comes to revenue growth surrounds the tactics and strategies for attracting new customers, optimizing the shopping experience, and expanding reach. These are all effective and important factors to consider when it comes to revenue growth, however, they aren’t the only or necessarily most effective ways to achieve…

7 Customer Retention Predictions for 2020

We’ve seen our fair share of shocking headlines recently: tenuous IPOs, the “retailpocalypse,” and a fickle market have served to reset the way we size up subscription businesses. Recurring revenue models have their pitfalls, and 2019 certainly taught the industry a few lessons. In 2020, retention is set to be a top priority for companies…