Greg Wang

Greg Wang

Greg Wang is head of sales, North America at Adjust, the mobile marketing analytics platform.

Embracing the E-Commerce Revolution: 5 Strategies for a Successful Holiday Season

In an era when technology reigns supreme, it’s no surprise that the way we shop has undergone a significant transformation. A recent study revealed a staggering 58 percent of consumers now prefer online shopping over the traditional in-store experience. Riding this wave of change, advertisers are strategically capitalizing on the rising trend of “store-less” shopping,…

How Centralizing Data Can Help Retail Apps Overcome Industry-Wide Headwinds

Retailers are facing challenging times. A persistent pandemic, inflation, supply chain disruption, and competition from giants is forcing smaller and mobile-only retailers to get crafty to avoid slipping margins. On top of all this, mobile marketers are facing ecosystem changes around privacy that are making it harder to tailor messages to prospects and acquire new…