Greg Brown

Greg Brown

Greg Brown is vice president of Melissa, provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions that span the entire data quality lifecycle and integrate into CRM, e-commerce, master data management and Big Data platforms. Connect with Greg at or via LinkedIn.

Reducing Costs: Improving Customer Data Solves Both Fraud and Shipping Problems

Not quite everything in the world of e-commerce is digital. Shipping, based on customer-provided data, may be the weakest link in a smooth, cost-effective transaction. Even slight inaccuracies can delay deliveries, add expensive reshipping fees, and create unhappy customers in the process. Equally painful to any supplier are credit card chargebacks, charges to cover return…

Conquering Cart Abandonment With Shipping Predictions

Most shoppers love how the site immediately predicts shipping costs and delivery date for their purchases. As soon as shoppers click on a product, they see a message such as, “Want it Wednesday, Sept. 30 by 4 p.m.? Order in the next 11 minutes, six seconds.” What’s noteworthy is that Amazon does this up…