Giuseppe Ficarra

Giuseppe Ficarra

Giuseppe Ficarra is senior vice president of global sales at Majorel, a leading global provider of next-generation end-to-end customer experience (CX) solutions for digital-native and vertical-leading brands.

4 Ways BPOs Can Boost Customer Service and Support Retail

Over the past year, retailers experienced a fair amount of turmoil, from inflation and supply chain issues to a labor shortage and more. In 2023, the pendulum may once again swing, throwing up even more roadblocks as a potential recession may pressure retailers to reassess their labor allocations and cut already-thin workforces to reduce costs.…

3 Mistakes Retailers Make When Scaling Customer Service Teams

Managing an efficient customer service team is a challenge, even in relatively quiet times. However, the job gets far more complex when a crisis hits. Managers can foresee some fluctuations in staffing — like during the holidays — but the true test of a retail service center’s strategies comes when an unexpected event forces the…