Gerry Szatvanyi

Gerry Szatvanyi

Gerry Szatvanyi is the CEO of OSF Digital, a top digital transformation and leading global commerce solutions company to some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Retail’s Winners of 2022: Meeting Evolving Customer Expectations in a Digital Era

In 2022, the blueprint to retail success is evolving before our eyes. The ripple effects of a two-year global pandemic coupled with rapid accelerations in digital transformation have shifted the paradigm for consumer expectations. Now more than ever, customers desire seamless and personalized experiences at every touchpoint of their buyer’s journey. Whether it’s in-store, on…

Report: Majority of Retailers Fall Short in Meeting Customers' Omnichannel Expectations

The rate of omnichannel adoption and digital transformation across the retail sector has remained high over the first half of 2022. However, new industry data shows that retailers and brands still have significant ground to cover to meet evolving customer expectations. The 7th annual Omnichannel Retail Index by OSF Digital’s strategy team (formerly FitForCommerce) found…