Gavin Bradley

Gavin Bradley

Gavin Bradley serves as senior creative director for customer experience at Harbor Retail, which helps retailers and brands activate Harmonic Retail™ along the path to purchase. Prior to his role at Harbor, Gavin held multiple creative director roles across retail and marketing companies. He is currently based in Los Angeles.

Why Speeding Customers Through Omnichannel Retail Touchpoints is the Wrong Strategy

Customers rarely walk into stores and buy new products anymore — and especially with higher-ticket items. Instead, they transition through a retail experience journey that takes them from stage to stage and channel to channel. They might go through 10 touchpoints before tapping their card against a reader or hitting the “submit order” button. As…

3 Ways to Master In-Store CX Amid COVID-19

Since the inception of commerce, it seemed customers were at the mercy of retailers in how the two parties would transact. COVID-19 has flipped this: customers are now in control, choosing how they move products from store to home. Buy online, pick up in-store is a perfect example, as retailers shift their operational model to…