Frank Kouretas

Frank Kouretas

As Chief Product Officer, Frank leads product strategy and product management, driving the next wave of commerce innovation and beautifully simple shopping experiences.

Frank is passionate about building and marketing innovative technology products, and brings over 15 years of leadership experience in product development, product management and marketing.  

Prior to joining Orckestra, Frank was VP of Products and Marketing at Radialpoint where he led the development of innovative customer experience products used by some of the world’s leading service providers to support millions of customers.

Consumers’ Biggest Pain Points With the Online Shopping Experience and How Retailers Can Improve on Those

Consumers today are looking for increasing convenience and a frictionless experience. As a result, their pain points are varied and are constantly changing — all driven by advances in technology; evolving shopping experiences online; and growing expectations around speed, convenience and delivery. Even the circumstances of their purchase now affect what frustrates them. As an…