Francois Chaubard

Francois Chaubard

Francois Chaubard is the CEO of Focal Systems. He was an EE masters then CS masters from Stanford University. He researched Deep Learning and Computer Vision under Fei Fei Li in the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab. He was a Deep Learning Researcher at Apple working on secret projects. Before that, he was a Missile Guidance Algorithm Engineer at Lockheed Martin working on Kalman filter / Information theory. He heads up Deep Learning Research, Sales, and Strategy.

How Grocers Can Leverage AI to Retain Customers Amidst a Price War With Discounters

While inflation has been on the mind of everyone through 2022 and into this year, we recently have been hearing whispers of possible deflation in the near future. Naturally, this has many small retailers and grocers wondering what they would do to survive if that comes to pass. Starting in 2020, we saw larger retailers…

AI is the Key to Unlocking Consumer Spending This Holiday Season

Even with high levels of inflation and a recession predicted to bear down on us in 2023, consumers are eyeing this holiday season with eagerness — they’re ready and willing to splurge on holiday spending this year, according to a recent McKinsey report. Since this might be the last good time for retailers to cash in…