Fara Alexander

Fara Alexander

Fara Alexander is the director of brand marketing for goTRG, the leading returns management platform that offers turnkey software, reverse supply chain, and reCommerce services to retailers and manufacturers. Prior to joining goTRG, Fara was the founder and CEO of ReturnRunners, an on-demand consumer app that facilitated a seamless returns experience and streamlined returns consolidation on behalf of 80+ local and multichannel brands. ReturnRunners was selected as a finalist at the Future of Logistics Tech Conference in 2018 and was recognized as one of Chicago’s 50 startups to watch in 2019. Fara is an alumna of Chicago’s WiSTEM and UBS/Rent The Runway’s Project Entrepreneur accelerator programs. In 2022, Fara was recognized on Retail Touchpoints’ 40 Under 40 list. 

Why Shifting Return Policies Can Create Shopping Surges

Shopping surges over the holiday season brought higher returns volumes, costing retailers significant financial burdens to process unwanted items. Compounding the issue, online shopping has soared in recent years, with return rates hovering between 20 percent to 30 percent. To offset rising costs of reverse management, many retailers are adjusting policies to incentivize in-store returns,…

How to Drive Customer Loyalty Through Returns Management

Returns cost retailers hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Return rates continue to rise each year as a result of online shopping, customer-centric return policies and, now, COVID-19. Since the onset of the pandemic, consumers are avoiding stores and shopping online even more than before. In fact, eMarketer predicted online sales to grow by…