Erin Warren

Erin Warren

Erin Warren is the General Manager of Rakuten In Store Network, a company allowing users to get cash back any time they shop.

Applying Learnings From Back-to-School Season to Attract In-Store Holiday Shoppers

Back-to-school season has come to a close as parents successfully planned for the first return to school in nearly two years. Marketers who found success undoubtedly had a plan in place to take advantage of the surge, helping them pull share of wallet. With the pandemic-driven boon to e-commerce and our more recent hope for…

Leveraging the Rise of Digital Marketing to Drive Post-Pandemic In-Store Traffic

The pandemic fast-tracked the growth of e-commerce on an exponential level. In 2020, e-commerce accounted for over 21 percent of retail sales — a monumental jump from the 15.8 percent of retail that it accounted for the year prior. There’s no doubt that e-commerce will continue to be an important part of the consumer journey,…