Erik Morton

Erik Morton

Erik Morton is the senior vice president of product and strategy at CommerceHub, a distributed commerce network for retailers and brands.

Erik is responsible for product, strategy and corporate and business development at CommerceHub. He has 15+ years of experience spanning technology, public markets, finance, strategy and operations. Erik joined CommerceHub in 1999 and returned to the company in 2012 after founding and running ecommerce software provider Initiate Commerce and serving as head of products and services at Merit Pages.

Sustainability Has Captivated Retail: Why Getting it Right Will Make You a Winner

Sustainability has gained a lot of mindshare in the retail world. We’ve seen everything from retailers’ partnerships with brands like thredUP and TheRealReal to the creation of designers’ fully sustainable clothing lines. These initiatives, coupled with consumers who want to feel connected to brands and embrace things old and new, have created an environment where…

How to Improve Shipping Speed Without Breaking the Bank

Today’s shoppers expect lightning-fast shipping speed. That's not news to anyone within the retail industry. knows it, brands know it, and retailers know it. But how fast exactly do consumers expect online orders to arrive? Less than two days, according to a recent Deloitte study. The study found that 83 percent of consumers define…