Dr. Melody King

Dr. Melody King
Video Engages Consumers at Every Stage of the Shopping Process

The key to getting shoppers to notice your online videos is to get as much mileage out of them as possible. That means thinking beyond product pages. Sure, they're the logical place for your videos, but there are many more ways to place videos in front of consumers’ eyeballs — at the beginning of the shopping process, in the middle and after browsers become buyers.

Boost YouTube ‘Watch Time’ With User-Generated Video

For online retailers, YouTube's algorithm changes, which can dramatically alter video rankings, are major events. For example, YouTube's recent announcement that it's adjusting its ranking algorithm to favor videos with more "watch time." The net effect is that videos that are watched for longer periods in a single stretch will be ranked higher, at the expense of videos that are clicked on often but are abandoned early on. The solution to this watch time dilemma for online merchants is user-generated videos. 

How to Leverage Product Videos to Grab Attention of Busy Holiday Shoppers

There's every indication that during the 2012 holiday season tablets will be as important a shopping accessory as low-interest credit cards. According to the 2012 Shop.org/Forrester Research State of Retailing Online survey, 49 percent of retailers say their average order value from tablet shoppers is now higher than traditional web sales. And nearly three in 10 retailers say they're seeing about the same average order value from tablets as their website.