DeAnn Campbell

DeAnn Campbell

DeAnn Campbell is leading the next evolutionary era of retail: the shift beyond converged commerce to Harmonic Retail,™ where online and offline experiences don’t merely integrate — they interact, enrich, and react upon one another to create a living, harmonized brand expression throughout the customer journey. DeAnn holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture, is LEED ID+C accredited, and is the former VP of retail strategy and insights at Harbor Retail, a design + build firm.

5 Reasons Why Brand Partnerships Are the Future of Retail

When it comes to the way we shop, the speed of change today has surpassed the ability of most brands and retailers to keep pace. And with the coming 5G rollout, innovation and change will only continue to accelerate. After all, building an effective multichannel ecosystem that offers a wide enough range of products and…

The ‘Triple Crown’ of Harmonic Retail: BOPIS, Returns, and Customer Service

Retail is facing more stress and complexity than ever before. U.S. population growth is less than 1 percent annually, shopper journeys no longer follow predictable demographics, and customers are simultaneously demanding more human interaction and more self-service technology. Add to that the rising cost of shipping, the looming threat of tariffs, and the tight labor market. Retail…