Dave Sharma

Dave Sharma

Forty-plus years leading large operations in manufacturing, technology. Founded, established, divested and acquired several businesses in the TTA-Transitair group of companies. Led international consortia in large infrastructure projects and workforces of several thousand. Education: MBA, IIT Chicago; B. Tech, Indian Railways Institute of Eng.

Why Building Unique Customer Experiences is the Silver Bullet for Online Shopping

Calling the pandemic and its aftermath a black-swan event at global scale is an understatement. Besides being a personal tragedy and suffering for millions, it dislocated the world order along several vectors, some irretrievably. As we put it behind us, it opens vast opportunities for the bold and decisive. One of the winners, if such…

Retailers Must Innovate to Thrive in the New Normal

As customer expectations continue to shift in an increasingly digital world, shoppers have come to want products in the fastest and simplest way possible — even in the middle of a devastating pandemic. To say the retail landscape in 2020 was difficult would be an understatement. Brick-and-mortar stores were hit by a rapid downturn in…