Cristopher Kuehl

Cristopher Kuehl

Cristopher Kuehl is Vice President of Analytics and Client Insights at Sitel Group, an innovative, end-to-end solution to managing and enhancing the customer experience.

As the VP of Analytics and Client Insights, Cris leads a team of data experts responsible for the development and execution of data-driven campaigns to improve the customer journey.

Leveraging deep contact center data, Cris’s team gets under the hood of customer experience (CX) programs to better understand client challenges, successes and areas for growth opportunity. Servicing clients around the world and in multiple industries, Cris’s 12+ years of CX experience in workforce management and analytics has equipped him with the skills and industry know-how to take unstructured data and transform it into digestible and actionable campaigns to improve business results.

How Retailers Can Fight Customer Service Fraud

With the busy holiday shopping season comes a huge increase in customer service calls (375 percent in the past two years), including into the new year. Therefore, it’s important that retailers re-evaluate their customer service security policies. According to a report from Sitel Group and CallMiner, 30 percent of Americans think the retail industry is…