Corey Pierson

Corey Pierson

Corey Pierson is Co-Founder and CEO of Custora, the leader of advanced customer analytics for retail. Prior to Custora, Corey worked at IDEO and was Co-Founder of Corey received his BSE in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

What D-to-C Brands Can Teach Legacy Retailers About Personalization and Data

Legacy brands carry legacies for a reason. They have the history, heritage and name recognition associated with brand longevity, but sometimes all those years of experience can be a hindrance rather than a help when it comes to re-evaluating tactics to attract a new audience. This is where studying the strategies of direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) brands…

Retail Marketers Put Data in the Driver's Seat for Personalization and Precision

We’re saying it: personalization is queen among today’s consumers. Just look at Spotify, which algorithmically delivers a unique 30-song playlist to each of its tens of millions of users every week. Meanwhile, Google Home's Assistant and's Alexa use voice recognition technology to tailor their responses to each member of a household. Nowhere is this truer…