Chuck Koskovich

Chuck Koskovich

Chuck Koskovich, is the Chief Operating Officer at TELUS International, a customer experience innovator that designs, builds and delivers next-gen digital solutions for global and disruptive brands.

How Retailers Can Maintain Relationships With Consumers in 2021 and Beyond

Consumers are no strangers to e-commerce. In 2019, online sales surpassed $3.5 trillion worldwide. Unsurprisingly, the trend remained upward in 2020 during the pandemic, with sales amounting to more than $4 trillion. As more of the population gets vaccinated and an end to the global disruption is in sight, brands must be aware of the…

5 CX Lessons Learned in 2020 to Be Applied in 2021

The end of 2020 brought an atypical shopping experience for many consumers facing lockdown restrictions. Whether brands were prepared, unprepared or fell somewhere in between in order to meet the rapid shift in consumer behavior due to the pandemic, they all had lessons to learn and room for improvement when it came to meeting and…