Christian Floerkemeier

Christian Floerkemeier

Christian Floerkemeier is CTO, VP of Product and co-founder of Scandit. Scandit’s award-winning mobile computer vision software enables barcode scanning, text and object recognition for enterprise apps and delivers real-time insights through AR overlay.

One Year Later: Retail’s Jump Into the Future

A little more than one year ago, COVID-19 presented itself as an unlikely disruptor for retailers. Government safety measures changed the retail landscape seemingly overnight, and in doing so, forced a shift in customer needs and shopping behaviors. The past 12-plus months saw the accelerated adoption of long-predicted technology needs that enabled many retailers to…

Get Ready for Contactless Retail With Self-Scanning and Scan-and-Go

Several months isn’t a long time, but it’s enough to totally transform the grocery store experience. Because of COVID-19, many shoppers who used to go to a grocery store every few days or even every day are suddenly thinking twice about going at all. A typical trip to the supermarket involved looking at and touching…