Chris Cassidy

Chris Cassidy

Chris Cassidy is the executive vice president of global sales & strategic partnerships for Trax Technologies, the global leader in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions for Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) services.

Before joining Trax, Cassidy served as a leadership partner with Gartner, where he advised enterprise supply chain leaders on their Supply Chain strategies in the healthcare and life science industry. He also led the global healthcare logistics strategy for UPS, leading to the creation of a dedicated UPS Healthcare business unit managing $6B final-mile spend and leading to the launch of a new dedicated UPS Premier product. Additionally, he served as head of global logistics at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) managing over $1B transportation and warehouse spend, among other various operations, IT and supply chain management and mfg. packaging roles during his 12 year tenor.

Cassidy is an accomplished, trusted and resourceful end-to-end supply chain logistics & transportation leader to SaaS tech, logistics organizations globally.

He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial Engineering (ISyE). Cassidy has lived abroad in Japan, London UK, and now lives in metro Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children

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