Carson Krieg

Carson Krieg

Carson Krieg is co-founder and director of carrier operations at Convey, a leader in delivery experience management (DEM) solutions.

To Counter Amazon, Retailers Must Meet Scale With Agility and Play Up Unique Strengths

After a year of buying everything from patio furniture to groceries online, consumers are more reliant on than ever, and more positive about the company. For retailers to fight back, they’ll need a two-pronged strategy: meet what are now industry-standard expectations for convenience and shipping efficiency, and spotlight key offerings where Amazon lags. Even…

How COVID-19 is Impacting Retail Fulfillment

COVID-19 has turned the world of retail upside down. Hundreds of millions of Americans have been ordered to stay home during the pandemic, resulting in thousands of shuttered brick-and-mortar businesses and a surge in online shopping. In the face of all this uncertainty, retailers are trying to understand how COVID-19 will impact everything from maintaining…