Carol Leaman

Carol Leaman
3 Ways Your Onboarding Isn’t Setting Seasonal Hires Up for Success

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, a crop of talented seasonal employees received job offers from your competitors. And that means the highly coveted pool of seasonal retail talent just got even smaller — a situation that’s only intensifying as the U.S. unemployment rate continues to hover around a near-historic low…

Key to Making Retail Holiday Magic: Invest in Employee Knowledge Now

With the holiday shopping season less than two months away, retailers are in full swing working on strategies to win in an increasingly competitive landscape. As the worlds of brick-and-mortar and online continue to merge, retailers are investing in new technologies as part of their digital transformation initiatives to create a more personalized shopping experience.…

Workplace Training Brings Competitive Advantage for Retailers

For the second year in a row, Axonify has released the results of its annual State of Workplace Training Study, conducted in December 2017 by global market research firm Ipsos. The study’s goal was to gain a comprehensive view of workplace training across different industries, including retail, and highlight the importance of providing the right kind of training to drive measurable business results.