Brad LaRock

Brad LaRock
Not Thinking of Santa and Singles Day Yet? You Should Be 

If you’re not already planning for Black Friday and Singles Day, then you’re behind schedule. The National Retail Federation reported that online and other non-brick-and-mortar holiday sales increased by 9 percent during the 2015 holiday season, to $105 billion. Compared to the overall 3 percent growth for all of 2015 holiday sales, it’s clear that…

How to Turn Deal-Seekers Into Loyalists

The mixed success of’s Prime Day can teach us something about how customer retention works today. Any retailer can tell you that bargains alone don’t earn loyalty. But what specific tactics do turn deal-seekers into lifetime loyalists? I have some advice to offer about what works now. Before: Set the Table Making a good…

How to Maximize Online Ad ROI and Engage Customers With Compelling Copy

As a digital marketer, you work hard every day to support your brand's e-commerce efforts. You strive to differentiate and capture the attention of busy consumers, and, of course, you mind your budget. Like any responsible marketer, you sometimes wonder how you can get even more bang for your buck. Savvy digital marketers know that one of the best ways to capture sales is to optimize their digital ad content.