Ben Richmond

Ben Richmond

Ben Richmond is the US Country Manager for Xero, an online accounting software.

How Small Businesses Can Navigate the Post-Holiday Return Season

With the holiday season underway, retailers of all sizes have been preparing themselves for a festive surge in sales. However, the post-holiday months bring in a wave of returns that can serve as a financial challenge for small businesses. Recent data from Xero, the global small business platform, reveals that a staggering 53 percent of…

Entering the Subscription Economy Via Cloud Accounting

According to Zuora, the overall "subscription economy" has grown more than 435 percent over the last nine years, outpacing traditional business growth. Even major fast-food chains are jumping on the subscription service bandwagon, with Taco Bell most recently offering the Taco Lover’s Pass. This strategy can be seen as a more reliable stream of revenue…