Anson Shiong

Anson Shiong

Anson Shiong is CEO of Sand Studio, the developer of mobile device management (MDM) solution for Android devices, AirDroid Business. AirDroid Business empowers businesses to be in complete control of their Android devices across multiple locations, enabling administrators to manage, monitor and perform maintenance on remote devices.

Kiosks Are the Future of Retail: How IT Managers Can Keep Up

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and evidence of this is everywhere: from our ability to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world via our smartphones, to being able to complete an entire grocery store run with just a few clicks. This digitization is spreading across every aspect of life, and for retail businesses, the…

How to Give Your Business a 2020 Upgrade With MDM

While the last decade saw the rapid adoption of mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) in business and the multitude of benefits they offer, it also saw a series of challenges in their security, such as the tracking and management of these devices. Luckily, mobile device management (MDM) has evolved in tandem with these mobile…