Anna Maria Virzi

Anna Maria Virzi

Anna Maria Virzi is a senior principal researcher in the Gartner Marketing Practice, studying consumer behaviors and attitudes that impact marketing leaders’ decision making.  

Tailor Brand Actions to 4 Shopper Types to Drive Purchases

When making key decisions about brand positioning and activation opportunities, brand leaders must pay close attention to the factors that influence audience buying behaviors. Brand leaders must leverage shopper mindsets to create powerful brand strategies, from messaging to channel strategy. In a Gartner survey, over 2,000 U.S. consumers were asked about traits that described the…

How to Drive Purchases by Appealing to Shoppers’ Decision-Making Habits

Typically, consumers have two decision-making styles: those who exhaustively research multiple options before making a purchase (aka the “thorough” shopper) and those who purchase the first decent choice that fits their preferences (aka the “efficient” shopper). Retailers that understand this distinction can shape their approaches to acquire and retain customers, including developing content and leveraging…