Amy Gilbert

Amy Gilbert

Amy Gilbert is head of social at The Social Element, a global, independent social media agency that delivers strategy, content, customer service, engagement, and insights to some of the world’s biggest and most-loved brands.

'Deinfluencing' is Pushing Brands to Prioritize Transparent and Authentic Messaging — and That's a Win-Win for All

Consumer behavior spurred by social media has been rapidly evolving, from the virality of “TikTok made me buy it” to the introduction of cheaper alternatives or "dupes," and now to a paradigm shift called “deinfluencing.” This latest trend sees influencers using their platforms to advise their followers on what products to avoid, demonstrating a palpable…

How Retailers Can Use TikTok to Build Better Brand Loyalty in a New Era of Community Building

If you're familiar with TikTok, you've most likely seen the hashtag #Tiktokmademebuyit. Truth is, people can find anything from books to clothing to makeup thanks to retail brands’ ever-expanding presence on TikTok. This social platform is certainly driving sales for retailers, whether it's from an influencer wearing something from the back of their closet or…