Alex Song

Alex Song
Alex Song is the CEO and founder of Proxima, the data science company that leverages a proprietary database of anonymized consumer data to help brands better reach the right consumers across all major platforms.
Targeted Advertising in a Cookie-Free World

Since the introduction of Apple’s App tracking transparency policy changes, retailers have been searching for ways to rebuild the lucrative world of highly targeted social media advertising. When you add today’s inflationary pressure, brands are being forced to rethink their growth strategies and determine how to keep up with other shifts happening in digital advertising.…

Don’t Fight Amazon, Embrace It

It’s impossible to discuss retail or e-commerce these days without mentioning Much has been written about Amazon being the demise of small retailers and startups, and many articles offer ideas on how to compete or work around the 800-pound gorilla. But sometimes the old adage “if you’ can’t beat them, join them” holds true.…