Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf is Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Berlin-based marketplace experts Spryker and author of the bestselling book, “The E-Commerce Book.”

Amazon’s Shrinking Figures Means It’s The Perfect Time For Retailers To Fight Back

While no one is suggesting that Amazon is down to its last few cents, its most recent financial figures (released February 2022) indicate an e-commerce vulnerability that hasn’t been there for years or even decades. Overall fourth-quarter sales for Amazon in 2021 grew 9.4 percent, the first period of single-digit growth since 2001. Even these…

Building Sustainable B-to-C Retail Success in the Age of Amazon

2020 was an incredibly successful year for Home-based working and buying gave the e-commerce giant more market share and sales volume than ever, with sales up 44 percent, hitting $108.5 billion. That’s equivalent wealth to that of a small nation. If Jeff Bezos was president of such a country, it would register as the…