Adam Dornbusch

Adam Dornbusch

Adam is a digital media executive with more than 20 years of experience developing content strategies for the world’s largest brands. Prior to founding EnTribe, Adam spent four years building the groundbreaking Community Content & Rewards program at GoPro (GoPro Awards). During his tenure at GoPro, Adam’s team licensed millions of photos and videos from the GoPro community for Super Bowl Ads, The GoPro Channel, Out Of Home and In Store marketing.

Before GoPro, Adam was licensing citizen journalism from over 50 countries for Al Gore’s Current TV (acquired for $500M). Adam has spent his career building scalable content communities for GoPro, Current TV, Tribeca Film, Starz/Encore, Jaman, Access 360 Media, and Ripe Digital. Not finding any suitable CRM solutions for creator communities, he decided to build EnTribe.

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