Aaron Rudger

Aaron Rudger
Tips for Preventing a Website Crash on Black Friday

With Christmas just weeks away, retailers are preparing for one of the biggest internet shopping events of the year, Black Friday, which marks the start of the Christmas season. As consumers are increasingly choosing to shop online, and Black Friday promotions are set to encourage this even more, retailers must ensure their websites are up to the task. Not only should your website be quick to load and reliable, but the user experience on Black Friday should be the same or better than any other day.  

SaaS: Too Much of a Good Thing for Retailers?

Forrester Research claims that SaaS penetration will surpass 50 percent this year, with organizations using an average of four solutions simultaneously. Furthermore, it's expected to double in 2015. Businesses cite agility as the primary benefit of moving to SaaS, but as retailers become more widely reliant on SaaS applications, the lack of visibility and control over performance threatens the promise of agility. Can data be the difference between resilient retailing and death by a thousand paper cuts?

5 Best Practices to Avoid a Site Meltdown

The time is here for the online shopping onslaught — Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the whole run up to Christmas. The promotions have been prepared, the email campaigns set up, so just one questions remains: Is your website ready to handle the volume? The issues around website performance have never been as prominent in the news. So let's review the top tips for making sure your websites — and remember this is now across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices — are ready for showtime.

What You Can Learn From Target's Site Crash

When Target made headlines with the launch of its limited partnership with designer Missoni, it probably didn’t expect demand for the fashion line to crash its website. While we usually hear about retail website crashes on or near Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Target’s recent site outage is remarkable for its atypical timing, severity and length.