Upcoming Webinars
  • COVID-19: Driving Permanent Change for Brands and Retailers

    COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on ‘what’ consumers are shopping for and ‘how’ they are shopping. Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to e-commerce for goods they previously purchased in-store and are making purchase decisions based on web content, brand reputation and product availability alone. Retailers are pivoting quickly to keep up with demand.

  • Build an Omnichannel Customer View With a CDP: How One Retailer Levels the Playing Field With Amazon

    Like many brands, omnichannel apparel retailer Planet Blue must find innovative ways to engage and influence customers across channels to compete with retail giants 100 times its size. In this webinar, we’ll walk through how Planet Blue leverages an omnichannel view of the customer that combines the power of online behavioral data, point-of-sale data, and predictive lifetime value modeling to create more value for their business – all without the help of additional business intelligence professionals, data scientists or analysts.

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