In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail's Ashley Chiaradio and Kristina Stidham discussing an article recently published on Total Retail titled, “New From NRF 2021: Retail Marketing’s Need-to-Know Trends,” authored by Udayan Bose, founder and CEO of NetElixir. The highly anticipated NRF virtual show occurred in mid-January and brought industry leaders together to reflect on one of retail’s most turbulent years to date, as the events of 2020 left companies scrambling. One of the marketing trends that Bose identifies in the article is that new-to-online shoppers are here to stay, and it's time for retailers to learn their unique behavioral patterns.

However, Bose also writes that If 2020 taught retail marketers anything, it’s that consumer behavior isn't predictable. At NRF 2021, it became even more clear that retail marketers must remain agile and prioritize the customer above all else in the year ahead. To learn about the third marketing trend identified in the article, click here.

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