In this video, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Justin Silverman, co-founder of The Warming Store, an outdoor sporting goods retailer. Watch as Silverman discusses how the brand has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, how operations and online sales have been impacted, and how's changing strategy during this time has helped increase sales at The Warming Store. He shares how the company has been able to stay true to its brand message during the health crisis, and details The Warming Store's partnership with marketing technology company Sidecar and how it has helped the retailer capitalize on new marketing opportunities, particularly in search and social media. Silverman discusses how the company has experienced a dramatic increase in digital advertising return on investment during this time, as well as the social media strategies that The Warming Store is utilizing to target, acquire and retain customers. Lastly, he offers insights into the changes in customer behavior he's seen during this health crisis, and shares his advice for other small businesses navigating the current COVID-19 environment.

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