Rising consumer expectations for fast (and oftentimes free) order delivery have forced retailers and brands to adjust how their supply chains operate. Automation within the supply chain has become necessary to compete in today's speed-driven environment. Therefore, retailers are investing in technology systems and solutions, including robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, order and inventory management systems, and other forms of automation, to optimize their supply chains for speed and accuracy. This topic was addressed during a panel discussion at last week's Total Retail Tech event in Philadelphia, featuring expert speakers such as Rick Gemereth, chief information officer, Lionel; Shannon Lackey, vice president of merchandising, Hollar; and Carol Schuster, business information advisor, Lafayette 148 New York.

In this video clip from the panel discussion, Gemereth, Lackey, and Schuster offer their answers to the following question: How are your businesses using technology to help address today's supply chain challenges, particularly when it comes to speed and transparency?

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