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In episode 296 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Harry Temkin, vice president of seller experience at eBay, a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Listen in as Temkin discusses his role at the company, the survey eBay recently conducted with its sellers to better understand their motivations, and the growth of "recommerce" during the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares why recommerce is a "triple win" with buyers, sellers and the planet alike, the key stats that emerged from eBay's seller survey, and how recommerce fits into its business going forward.

In addition, Temkin discusses how the popularity of recommerce will affect the retail industry, how eBay's focus on certified refurbished goods can benefit brands, and the company's integration of charitable contributions into seller listings. He shares how eBay taps into consumers' desire to shop with retailers that hold common values, how the company is improving the seller experience with listing tools and historical data, and how the platform is using technology to support recommerce. Lastly, he discusses his forecast for how marketplace seller and buyer behavior will evolve post-pandemic.

Harry Temkin has over two decades of executive sales, marketing, business and technology leadership experience across both financial information, technology companies and fintech startups. In his current role as vice president of seller experience, Temkin is responsible for the technology platform and software that millions of sellers utilize on a daily basis to create, manage, sell and monetize listings. With ultimate responsibility to deliver new and enhanced front-end listing capabilities, analytical and reporting tools, and APIs that allow eBay's sellers to be more efficient, drive conversion, grow their business successfully and profitably, and provide protections they deserve.

Prior to joining eBay, Harry spent a large part of his career with Thomson Reuters, serving in a number of leadership roles including, executive vice president, global head of Eikon product management, equities, and executive vice president, head of exchange traded instruments. Additionally, Harry also served as CIO of DriveWealth, a fintech broker-dealer. Harry has also served as CEO of KnowVera, and served as a member of the board of directors with BATS Stock Exchange. When Harry isn’t focusing on all things eBay seller, he enjoys skiing, scuba diving, travelling and working on his 1983 Jeep CJ7, which he bought on eBay.

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