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In episode 277 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Trish Patton, vice president of human resources at The Body Shop, a global beauty brand and a certified B Corp™ offering high-quality, naturally inspired skincare, body care, hair care and makeup produced ethically and sustainably. Listen in as Patton discusses The Body Shop's Open Hiring initiative, including the hiring model behind the program, why open hiring aligns with the company's mission, and the successful rollout of the program in its distribution centers and stores.

Furthermore, Patton shares why The Body Shop moved away from its traditional hiring method, which involved several screenings and weeks of interviews. She details the three basic questions involved in the job interview, how The Body Shop is promoting open hiring to attract diverse candidates, and how the retailer is connecting with other B corporations and other companies to help them adopt similar hiring models. Lastly, Patton shares the business benefits The Body Shop has realized since implementing its Open Hiring initiative, how employees are reacting to the new hiring policy, and why it's giving second chances to those who typically struggle to find employment.

Trish Patton is an accomplished human resources executive with an extensive career directing strategic HR and learning and development initiatives. She's a strong leader skilled in coaching executives, strategic planning, policy development, and succession planning. Patton has a history of orchestrating cross-functional HR initiatives while fostering integrated team building. Prior to her role as vice president of human resources at The Body Shop, Patton was the vice president of human resources for Corporate at Hudson's Bay Company.

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