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This episode was recorded at CRMC 2022 in Chicago.

In episode 357 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jennifer Hoth, director of global loyalty marketing and CRM at ASICS Digital, a division of ASICS, the global sporting goods, footwear and apparel retailer. Listen in as Hoth discusses the ASICS Digital business and her role (0:46), the retailer's approach to personalization (1:48), and how customer data is collected across the ASICS portfolio to deliver a better customer experience (3:17).

Furthermore, Hoth shares how the end of third-party cookies could impact ASICS' personalized marketing strategy, and why the brand is partnering with Jebbit to capture customer data through meaningful interactive experiences (5:31). Hoth discusses the goals ASICS has set to personalize the customer journey and the metrics used to track success (6:55). Lastly, she shares her advice for other retailers and brands looking to personalize the customer experience, particularly in a cookie-less marketing environment (8:44).

Jennifer Hoth is the director of global loyalty marketing and CRM at ASICS Digital. Previously, Hoth held various CRM roles at retailers such as Kohl’s and Duluth Trading Company. She also helped numerous clients propel their email, SMS, and loyalty marketing programs forward during her time at DEG, a Merkle Company. Ms. Hoth graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee with a degree in marketing and has multiple Salesforce Marketing Cloud certifications.

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