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In episode 339 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jason Kuipers, CEO and co-founder of ZOX, an inspirational wristband brand. Kuipers discusses his professional background, how he and his brothers founded ZOX following a family arts-and-crafts night, and the goal behind the uplifting, wearable product line. He shares why ZOX sells direct-to-consumer to control the customer experience, why customers are often purchasing the wristbands as gifts for others, and the role that sustainability plays in the business.

Furthermore, Kuipers discusses the growth of ZOX's collectible and resale markets, how the brand strategically launches certain products as limited releases for its collector customers, and why the business donates a portion of its proceeds directly to Thirst Project and other charities. Lastly, he shares how the brand is testing live shopping on Facebook, what he's focusing on to continue growth at ZOX, and the importance of authentic customer relationships.

Jason Kuipers, the experience-loving founder behind the wearable "kind words" phenomenon known as ZOX, started from humble beginnings in Michigan where he became fascinated with collectibles in the early '90s. While trends evolved, Jason noticed that one-of-a-kind giftable items continued to hold value, not just as collectibles, but as symbols of kindness and care. After moving to Los Angeles and gaining professional experience in branding, Jason and his two younger brothers refined the concept for wearable works of art, and launched ZOX in 2011 with less than $1,000.

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