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Total Retail Tech Insights was created as a resource for executives in the retail industry who seek information and solutions for their technology wants and needs. Through brief but in-depth interviews with subject matter experts and industry thought leaders, listeners take away actionable information and practical advice to help drive their technology road maps. From idea to implementation, Total Retail Tech Insights is the content retail executives need to optimize their use of technology throughout their organizations.

In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Melissa Wong, CEO and co-founder of Zipline, the platform enabling best-in-class communication strategies throughout retail organizations. Wong discusses why her background in the retail industry led her to start a technology company (0:54) and why Zipline recently partnered with Total Retail to produce the 2022 Retail Technology Report (4:00). She shares a few key findings to emerge from the report's survey data and how that information relates to Zipline's scope of work (7:34), as well as what retailers should be thinking about to fuel digital transformation going forward (11:30).

In addition, Wong discusses a few retailers that are successfully innovating for the store of the future (13:37) and offers four ways that brands can create better-performing stores (15:36). Lastly, Keenan shares that Zipline and Total Retail will be partnering again later this year at Total Retail Tech, which is free to attend for qualified retailers. Total Retail Tech, which is being held Sept. 13-15 in Nashville, brings together retail execs focused on technology solutions for content, networking and education.

Melissa Wong is a retail veteran and consumer technology expert, having spent over 10 years focusing on retail communications at Old Navy. During her time at one of North America’s largest retailers, she focused on improving the way the company communicated with the field staff, ultimately improving store execution and driving sales. Wong now serves as the founder and CEO of Zipline, a leading retail communication and store execution solution loved by the most innovative brick-and-mortar brands in the world.

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