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In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Seb Reeve, director of market strategy at Nuance Communications, a speech recognition and artificial intelligence software company. Reeve discusses a few highlights from a recently released report by Nuance in conjunction with Total Retail, "How Retailers Can Leverage AI for Superior Digital CX," and how the research can help retailers navigate the evolving digital landscape. He shares why it's essential to provide an optimized customer journey across physical and digital channels, as well as how AI and machine learning technology can be useful tools in meeting today's consumer expectations.

Furthermore, Reeve discusses how Nuance can facilitate biometrics and behavioral data to create secure shopping experiences, what retailers should be thinking about when developing secure and personalized, yet convenient and quick, customer experiences. Lastly, he shares how retailers looking to optimize CX can find the report, "How Retailers Can Leverage AI for Superior Digital CX," as well as more resources from Nuance here.

In his current role at Nuance as EMEA director of product management and marketing, Sebastian Reeve is responsible for defining and evangelizing the Nuance customer care proposition across Europe, the Middle East and Africa — sharing how companies can create extraordinary automated experiences which their customers actively choose to use rather than simply tolerate and complain about.

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