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Total Retail Tech Insights was created as a resource for executives in the retail industry who seek information and solutions for their technology wants and needs. Through brief but in-depth interviews with subject matter experts and industry thought leaders, listeners take away actionable information and practical advice to help drive their technology road maps. From idea to implementation, Total Retail Tech Insights is the content retail executives need to optimize their use of technology throughout their organizations.

In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Josh Goodelman, chief revenue and operating officer at KWI, a retail point-of-sale and unified commerce platform. Listen in as Goodelman discusses his current role and professional background (1:00), KWI's offerings for retail clients (2:00), and highlights from Total Retail's 2023 Retail Technology Report, recently produced in conjunction with KWI (3:35). He shares the most surprising results from the report survey data (6:10), as well as the technology challenges that he's hearing from KWI's retail clients and how they align with the report data (9:00).

In addition, Goodelman discusses how retailers can improve their omnichannel operations (13:10), shares an example of a retailer that he believes has successfully used omnichannel technology to enhance its customer experience (16:30), and explains how a great shopping experience fosters loyalty (19:45). Lastly, he shares the consumer behavior trends that he's forecasting for the second half of the year (21:25), and how retailers can adapt their businesses to capitalize on those trends (23:15).

Download the 2023 Retail Technology Report for here.

Josh Goodelman is the chief revenue officer (CRO) at KWI. Passionate about driving revenue growth and customer success, Goodelman is a seasoned executive with a proven track record in both the retail and technology sectors. As a retail sales strategist and fashion industry expert, he held leadership positions at Dolce & Gabbana, Lord & Taylor, and SCMP USA. Most recently, Goodelman led sales teams at Salesforce, helping to grow its Retail and Consumer Goods vertical.

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