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In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Radial's Vice President of Omnichannel Solutions Vikas Aron, and Director of Payment Operations Dave Roessler. Radial is the leader in omnichannel commerce technologies and operations. Aron and Roessler discuss the technology provider's various products and services, and what makes Radial's order management system (OMS) and payment solution unique in the market. They share how its OMS and payment systems work together to provide a seamless omnichannel experience, the biggest pain points they're hearing retailers struggle with right now, and how Radial can solve the challenges arising as more brands implement complex buy now, pay later (BNPL)solutions.

In addition, Aron and Roessler discuss why they foresee younger consumers continuing to adopt alternative payment solutions such as BNPL, including those consumers with limited access to credit. Lastly, they share the most common misconceptions around how an OMS operates in conjunction with payment processing, and how Radial provides a frictionless, connected solution. Start a conversation with Radial at

As vice president, omnichannel solutions at Radial, Vikas Aron is responsible for the growth of Radial’s omnichannel technology solutions and helping clients navigate complex customer order journeys through Radial’s technology and operational capabilities. Before joining Radial, Vikas was head of product management at Aptos, responsible for growing Aptos’ next-generation Retail Commerce suite. During his 20-plus year career, Vikas has held multiple roles at Manhattan Associates and Infosys Technologies and built enterprise-scale products and solutions for leading retailers and brands. He's especially passionate about order management applications and the decisive role of modern OMS systems in people’s daily lives.

As director of payment operations at Radial, Dave Roessler manages the buildout and growth of its payments business. He's a seasoned payments professional with over 15 years of enterprise sales and relationship management experience. He has consistently been recognized for putting the customer first and successfully selling solutions based on a consultative, customer-centric approach. Prior to Radial, Dave managed the payment facilitator, marketplace, and ISO programs at Bank of America Merchant Services, where he developed a strong regulatory and risk background, and held various positions at Worldpay, where he developed a strong background in payment facilitation, integrations, solution selling, and e-commerce payments.

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