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In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Callum Campbell, CEO of Linnworks, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) commerce platform that puts commerce control at the center of your business. Listen in as Campbell discusses Linnworks' business offerings and his professional background, and why a total commerce approach is essential for online retailers in 2022 to compete in today's effortless economy. He shares what challenges the effortless economy poses for brands and retailers, how a centralized inventory management solution can solve these problems, and how a total commerce approach factors into customer experience and loyalty.

In addition, Campbell discusses how effortless economy challenges are manifesting in practical terms across different parts of retailers’ operations, and how the Linnworks platform centralizes business teams for increased collaboration across the organization. Lastly, he shares what he believes will be essential for winning retailers going forward in the age of total commerce, and how Linnworks can improve product discovery across multiple channels for retailers.

Callum Campbell is the CEO of Linnworks, a leading SaaS commerce platform that works with brands such as Ford, Casio, Belkin, and Ten Thousand. As CEO, Callum is responsible for ensuring Linnworks empowers brands to grow their business online. Prior to becoming Linnworks CEO in 2017, Callum founded Autonative, a global automotive e-commerce software and services business, where he currently sits as a board member. Callum earned a first class honors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath. Through Linnworks’ partnerships with leading global marketplaces, including, eBay, Alibaba, Google, and Facebook, Callum champions the vision of total commerce and the need for brands and retailers to be setup to sell to their customers wherever they choose to purchase.

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