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In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Mark Messina, chief operating officer of Geek+ America, Inc., the Americas division of a global artificial intelligence (AI) logistics robotics startup. Messina discusses the Geek+ global business, the impact of automated operations on retailers' warehouses, and how having automation in fulfillment centers during the COVID-19 pandemic has aided retailers. He shares what retailers should be evaluating as they consider implementing automated solutions in distribution centers, how robots can complement warehouse staff rather than replace human jobs, and how automation creates a more appealing work environment for employees.

Messina discusses the various business benefits retailers can realize from the use of automation within distribution centers, how Geek+ technology enabled Nike Japan to offer same-day delivery, and what he foresees as the future of order fulfillment. He shares how robots can be utilized in brick-and-mortar locations for in-store fulfillment, how the logistics robotics startup has positioned itself to improve retailers' operations moving forward, and how interested retailers can learn more about Geek+. You can see videos of Geek+ autonomous mobile robots in action here, here, and here.

Mark Messina, Chief Operating Officer of Geek+ America, is considered one of the top experts in the robotics industry.

Mark Messina is chief operating officer responsible for Geek+ operations in the U.S. and business expansion across the continent. Mark will drive operations, admin, applications engineering, product management, and deployment functions. Prior to joining Geek+, Mark has 20 years of industry experience, including leadership roles in operations and engineering with Mattel as the director of robotics and automation, iHerb as the vice president of robotic fulfillment systems, and as the director of mechanical engineering for the Kiva/AR AGV platform and Amazon Prime Air drone delivery team.

Mark has a passion for robotics and deep understanding of logistics challenges faced by businesses across the region. Having lead teams throughout Europe and Asia, Mark enjoys deep learning about other cultures and developing strong teams. Mark holds a BSME from the University of Massachusetts and is a native of New England, now residing in Southern California.

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