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In episode 258 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Evan Marshall, co-founder and chief technology officer of Plain Jane Hemp, a CBD brand selling smokable hemp products. Listen in as Marshall discusses the inspiration behind starting the company, why launching via an e-commerce site was the right choice for the brand, and the reasons behind Plain Jane Hemp's decision to re-platform on BigCommerce.

Marshall details some of the challenges he faced while selling CBD products on Shopify, the capabilities he was targeting when searching for a new e-commerce platform, and why the company chose to switch to BigCommerce. He discusses the benefits Plain Jane Hemp has seen since moving onto the BigCommerce platform, how Plain Jane customers are finding and interacting with the brand, and the potential to expand the brand into brick-and-mortar retail. Lastly, Marshall shares some of the business benefits Plain Jane Hemp has realized since it switched to BigCommerce, the company's plans to ensure profitable growth going forward, and his advice for other small businesses owners looking to re-platform and market an e-commerce company.

After graduating from MIT and working for technology startups in San Francisco, Marshall sought to bring his technical expertise into the hemp industry. He's building a brand focused on eliminating middlemen in the hemp supply chain to bring affordable CBD flower products directly to consumers. Through a combination of online marketing and working directly with small farms in southern Oregon, Marshall is helping to make hemp flower more accessible to the broader public.

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