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In episode 254 of Total Retail Talks, Digital Content Manager Kristina Stidham interviews Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan about Total Retail's recent research report, Customer Loyalty in a Fragmented Retail Market: How retailers can leverage data to create long-term relationships with their customers." The report was sponsored by Fidel API. Listen in as Keenan discusses the report, which looked at how retailers can solve the challenge of customer retention, with a specific focus on loyalty programs and card-linking technology. He shares some of the key highlights from the report, including how customer loyalty to retailers and brands is fleeting, particularly among younger consumers.

The discussion addresses the role that data can play in building long-term customer relationships, as well as identifies some of the leading retail loyalty programs in the market today. The episode also focuses on how technology, and specifically card-linking, can play a role in creating customer loyalty. Lastly, Keenan shares one of the best practices that are included in the report, touching on the use of loyalty program data to personalize the customer relationship. To download your free copy of the Fidel-sponsored report, "Customer Loyalty in a Fragmented Retail Market," click here.

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