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In episode 321 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Paul Hedrick, CEO of Tecovas, a seller of handmade, high-quality western boots. Hedrick discusses the Tecovas business and his professional background, his inspiration for launching the western brand, and the factors he believes have spurred growth during the COVID-19 pandemic through physical retail expansion and e-commerce investments. He shares why brick-and-mortar stores will play a large role in the brand's future, how the company decides where to expand new physical locations, and how Tecovas is creating a seamless brand experience across physical and digital channels.

In addition, Hedrick discusses the omnichannel services on Tecovas' road map, how he's managing current industry headwinds like supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, and the challenges of maintaining company culture in a hybrid work environment. Lastly, he shares where his attention is focused to continue growth at Tecovas through 2022 and beyond.

In 2014, former McKinsey consultant โ€” and Texan โ€” Paul Hedrick quit his job in consumer private equity to launch Tecovas, the first direct-to-consumer western brand after being frustrated by the lack of high-quality and affordable cowboy boot options on the market.

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